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Puritan Witch: The Redemption of Rebecca Eames

Puritan Witch: The Redemption of Rebecca Eames - Peni Jo Renner Puritan Witch: The Redemption of Rebecca Eames is a great story and a fantastic read. Personally, I am not a fan of witch trial stories, but can honestly say that Peni drew me into her story and engaged my senses with each word.

Rebecca’s character is intricately woven and filled with experiences that make our heart quake. From the imprisonment and feelings of depression, the tale is crafted in a manner that makes the reader feel everything that Rebecca feels. I personally, living in a country where loss is a regular occurrence, could easily identify with the situations and feelings that were written by the author. That realism helps the reader connect with the story. From the first angry words that start the ball rolling to the final curtain, I found myself enthralled in the story.

I believe that the author has crafted a story that will shock, disturb and bring people into a greater understanding of the life and times during the Salem Witch Trials in the 17th century. She has gone to great lengths to get the dialogue and language in sync with the time period and has given the reader an emotional roller-coaster throughout the pages of the book. If you don’t come away from this story with a different perspective on life, loss and conflict, you have missed the experience.