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The Falling of Love (The Falling Series)

The Falling of Love (The Falling Series) - 'Carraine Oldham',  'Marisa Oldham' *** This book was provided for an honest review ***

I have to start out by saying that NA Romance is not something I typically read, but I have to say that Marisa blew me away with her writing and story in The Falling of Love. Too many reviewers will tell you that they experienced a wide range of emotions when reading a book, but this one will require a Kleenex box and someone to hold on to once you are done.

The story starts with teen love and matures into so much more. It will pull at your heart strings, drive up your blood pressure and drop you from a million miles high as you devour the pages absorbing every word. It’s a must read in every sense for every age!

I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to experience real love for the joys, hardships and pain. This is an emotional whirlwind that you will be happy that you were caught up in. Well done, Marisa! I’ll be looking forward to your books in the future!