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Tethered Twins

Tethered Twins - Mike Essex I can see a strong story possible in this novel, but it didn't emerge in the writing.

Tethered Twins is in dire need of an editor that can bring the story together in terms of language, flow and story line construction. This could be an extremely strong story if there was more detail to the surroundings and characters, both of which were extremely flat and didn't jump off the page into my imagination. The mixture of 1st and 3rd person in the beginning of the book was a good idea that was not executed well. When writing in the 1st person, it is impossible to explain what another person was thinking, feeling or doing outside of the line of sight. The writer seemed to miss this mark.

As far as the dystopian genre goes, it misses the mark against other books that are available. There is no connect for me as a reader, having read others in the same genre. It doesn't pull me into the story, I felt nothing for any of the characters and found myself laboring to read, rather than enjoying a futuristic world unfolding on the pages and in my imagination.

I believe that if the writer were to get a professional development editor involved in the process, the story could be much better, but in the current position... it just doesn't get there for me as a reader.