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The Riding School

The Riding School - C.P. Mandara *** This book was provided for an honest review ***

Racy, steamy, sexy and wickedly enjoyable. That’s how I would describe C.P. Mandara’s The Riding School. I have always been a fan of well-written erotica and this one goes well above the standard I have read in the past. From the characters to the storyline, this will heat up your summer nights and keep you up wondering how to satisfy the urges it inspires.

Jenny is the epitome of the spoiled rich girl and needs to be taught about real life. Her father, seeming tired of the lazy, irresponsible behavior, books her into the Pony Rides Hotel to teach her how the reins are taken… and used.

The progression of this story will have you wrapped in each of the characters, feeling the steamy, wicked sex and wishing that Jenny would get just a little bit more.

Highly recommended to anyone who is looking for a bold new voice in the genre. I can’t wait to read the other books in this series.