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Was It a Rat I Saw?

Was It a Rat I Saw? - Sue  Perry I received a free copy in return for an honest review.

Sue does a great job of taking a very difficult storyline and trying to make it work. While the story is engaging, suspenseful and mysterious, the sheer amount of discussion of process takes the reader out of form detaching them from the quality of the story itself.

The writing creates a vivid mental picture for the reader and draws you into the world. While this novel was Sue’s debut work, I would hope that her more current writing has been able to surpass the problems that plague this one. From the misspellings to the combined fictional prose (heavy medical to suspense), there are many things that cause the reader to stumble and get back into the story for it to work for them.

Overall, a good read that will engage the reader, draw them into a world unlike their own and encourage them to venture down the unbeaten path. I do believe that if this were pushed through a more formal writing process now, the book could be vastly improved and the story structure and language tightened to a position of greater understanding and enjoyment for the reader.