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The Meat Market

The Meat Market - James Chalk James has written a fantastic sci-fi novel with The Meat Market. Not only does it take you into a future that is both corrupt and depraved, but it also paints a picture of where the world could be in a matter of decades.

Jonathan Harkon is a fantastic character that will draw you deep into his world, forcing you to breathe and cringe with each step he takes. The author has created characters that will make you wonder if they are real or alive on the page.

This is a fantastic story that makes someone like me, who hasn’t picked up a sci-fi novel in many years, want to return to the genre that first taught me the love of reading and books in general. I’ll be adding all of James’ books to my library, as well as anything else that he writes in the Jonathan Harkon series.

A must read for anyone who loves the sci-fi genre and has the stomach to see where the world could be in the future.