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Phenomena: The Lost and Forgotten Children

Phenomena: The Lost and Forgotten Children - Susan Tarr, Michael Tarr, Anna Lund Talk about an author with a fantastic voice! Susan hits the nail on the head with a topic that is very difficult to turn into a strong story.

Malcolm, an inmate of a mental asylum, tells his story and how society has perceived him in relation to it. There is so much to this story that will haunt the reader as they understand Malcolm’s struggle with life and in-patient treatment. I found it interesting how the author told the story from his point of view and brought us into his world, almost making the reader wonder if it was really happening, had really happened or was just fiction. That takes great writing to achieve!

This is a book that will break your heart and fill it with emotions. From the person to the institution and the treatment, the reader is taken on a haunting, riveting journey that will haunt and touch them well after they have put it down.

Highly recommended!