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The Guardian of Secrets and Her Deathly Pact

The Guardian of Secrets: And Her Deathly Pact - Jana Petken The Guardian of Secrets and Her Deathly Pact is a little out of my normal reading stream, but wow am I glad I picked it! The way the story is weaved together to bring the story of Celia Dobbs and her life of abuse makes he reader feel Celia’s pain as well as her victories. The author has done a phenomenal job in crafting the characters of the story. There were times when you wondered who was really the villain.

Historical novels present a huge challenge for any author to assure that the story matches the history. Jana has done a fantastic job with her research and made sure to bring the pieces together into a smooth, fast moving story that draws the reader in and doesn’t let them go.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to be taken on an emotional roller coaster. I’ll be looking forward to more books from this debut author!